How to find your Deerhound

In Australia, the first port of call is the Deerhound Club of Victoria.

The Club is usually notified by breeders of pending litters, and of puppies that are available and can put puppy buyers in contact with those breeders.

The Club has a list of prospective puppy buyers which is maintained for breeders to access.

The Club is also notified of dogs needing re-homing. Older Deerhounds adapt to new homes readily and are a good choice for those who prefer to ‘avoid’ the puppy stage.

Contact the Club Secretary and ask to have your name and contact details added to the list.

DogzOnline profiles Deerhound breeders and lists their contact details. It is a good idea to research the breeders and then contact those that meet your requirements. After talking to a breeder, if you are comfortable with that breeder, ask to be added to their list of puppy buyers. Get on as many lists as possible as there are usually not many litters born each year.

Attending a Deerhound Championship or Open Show is a great way of meeting Deerhounds, their owners, and breeders. You can compare dogs and discuss all sorts of Deerhound matters with multiple people on the one day. Royal Shows in each state may have good numbers of Deerhounds being exhibited, particularly the Royal Melbourne Show and the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Breeding Deerhounds  is not as simple as one may imagine and is expensive for the breeder. In Australia, Deerhounds are very reasonably priced relative to other breeds and ‘designer dogs’, and it is a credit to our breeders that they put the breed and the pups’ future and welfare before monetary gain. The costs involved often outweigh the return from the sale of the pups.  

Before investigating your puppy purchase, please take a minute to read the following article at  on the ANKC website.